Finials of this type were originally used as fittings to enhance transporting vehicles like chariots or palanquins. These decorative elements added a touch of grandeur and elegance to the vehicles. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the Naga is revered as a Serpent-God. It holds significant religious and mythological symbolism, often associated with water, protection, and fertility. The Naga is depicted as a divine serpent or snake-like creature, occupying a prominent place in the belief systems and iconography of both religions.

• Tour & Taxis catalogue 2008

• GRUSENMEYER Karim, The ancestor transcends – Sculptural Art from Asia and Oceania – Tome III, Jan 2008, cat. # 18

• The Art Loss Register, London, carried out a search on this object and declared it matchless (ref. # S00006673, 7th of December 2007).

Photo credit : Studio Asselberghs – Frédéric Dehaen

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